The Lady Fred Astaire is a complete package that comes with the choice of wicker or wire basket, Chromo bell, and lights.

Bike Specifications

Frameset: Chromoly Steel
Gears: Singlespeed
Brakes: Alhonga V-Brakes
Wheels: Shining Rims
Tyes: 32c Cream
Bar: Aluminum
Stem: Aluminum
Saddle; Comfortable Leather Look
Seatpost: Aluminum
Size Range: One Size
Weight: 16kg

Frame Set
It’s ‘one size fits all’ with Fred’s bikes. The chromo steel frame Ladies model is size 50cm, but a generous amount of seatpost and adjustable handlebar height makes for easy bike-fitting. The colour is lovely Duck Egg Blue, and is well finished and suitably tough. Again, longevity is key.

The models are currently single speed, comes with a lovely chrome bell. The soft grips and saddle are perfect for bouncing around towpaths or roughed up city roads. The saddle comes in a choice of two sizes, large or small, so even though the frame is only available in one size, they’re some level of customization available.

‘Shining’ rims are shod with unbranded cream 32c tyres. The whole wheelset is strong, and the plush tyres certainly look the part.

With only one gear, the ride is casual, although to say it’s slow would be incorrect. Once you add the padded saddle, soft grips and comfortable tyres to the whole experience, you get a great ride, that on the whole, is very forgiving. Once up to speed, the bike ticks along happily and the brakes are strong enough to halt your progress without concern.

Its something of a steamroller, knocking out bumps and lumps in the road with ease, leaving you oblivious to deteriorating road conditions. Fred’s hasn’t made the bike reliable by making it strong enough to cope with real world conditions; instead, it has made it stronger than the planet on which it riding.