In October 2011, childhood friends Jonny & Tom sat down to a bowl of noodles in Bermondsey and decided to start a bicycle company.

Visiting Uganda two months earlier, both men had been captivated by the simple yet incredibly elegant bicycles which are synonymous to much of rural East Africa. These models, based on a century-old British design, offer a combination of style, robustness and affordability not readily available in the UK. Something had to be done!

And so, began three years of designing, testing, failing (some falling), re-designing and re-testing until at last; Fred’s Bicycle Company was born.

In our second year of sales, Fred’s quickly established itself as one of the most distinctive boutique bicycle brands in the UK. Our 2014 launch was soon followed by press coverage in publications from Tatler to Cycling Active, with the Observer and The Week both featuring Fred’s as one of their top 6 brands in the UK.

Fred’s bicycles have been consistently recognised for their style and quality, both by official standards authorities and the cycling community.