About Us

Fred’s Bicycle Company, British built single speed & city bikes for the modern rider.

In October 2011, childhood friends Jonny & Tom sat down to a bowl of noodles in Bermondsey and decided to start a bicycle company. Visiting Uganda two months earlier, both men had been captivated by the simple yet incredibly elegant bicycles which are synonymous to much of rural East Africa. These models, based on a century-old British design, offer a combination of style, robustness and affordability not readily available in the UK. Something had to be done! 

And so, began three years of designing, testing, failing (some falling), re-designing and re-testing until at last; Fred’s Bicycle Company was born.

Why Fred’s?

For the cycling community, calling someone a ‘Fred’ (or a Doris) is seen as derisive. A Fred or Doris is someone who enjoys their cycling, loves it, thrives off of it but isn’t stereotyped into needing to wear the latest Lycra skin suit, the latest carbon helmet or Oakley Jawbreaker glasses. They love cycling, the freedoms it gives them, the dopamine hit they get every time they partake in their favourite past time, and so, we wanted (like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) to flip turn this phrase upside down and make it something to be proud of.

Every bike, every product, every piece of apparel launched under the Fred’s banner proudly wears our signature Fred’s Logo and handlebar moustache. Letting you know that it has been conceptualised and designed to the highest possible standards and that you, ‘Fred’ or ‘Doris’ can enjoy it proudly.